I am a metalsmith jewellery artist. I work in various media forms, but mainly in sterling silver and copper. I don't limit my medium, but most of my work is forged from silver grain or scrap, hammered, twisted and formed by hand using traditional methods. I take pride that every piece is of high quality, distinctive and unique.

  I am proud to be Derbyshire born and bred, and my art is entirely inspired by our beautiful county. I am intrigued by the juxtaposition of industry and nature; from the heritage of innovative engineering in the birthplace of the industrial revolution, to the bleak north moors of The Peak District; from the Mining and railway cutting through the landscape, to the beautiful shapes the National Forest creates in the south. My art can therefore sit in extreme genres, giving a distinctive and individual feel. People often positively comment on how I display my work; items sitting individually on cuts of locally felled log and black background. The industrial metal on nature. I am currently working with Belper North Mill to create a collection for the North Mill shop which is inspired by the architecture of the building and it’s historically innovative machinery.

  A passionate hobby photographer I often wander through my home town of Belper, soaking in its history and capturing shapes and forms to inspire me later in my workshop. I would like to display my inspiration photographs alongside my jewellery to emphasise the influence my local environment has on my art.

  My background is eclectic. Art has always been in my heart. Creating beautiful things is important to me. However I have a passion for history and science which I believe shines through in my art and how I create my pieces. I wish to preserve and spread the word of Derbyshire’s heritage through my art. I am also passionate about my community, recycling and working ecologically and will source locally wherever possible; I network locally in person and on social media to encourage this and hopefully inspire others. All my work is hallmarked in Sheffield.

  I have only worked full time as a metalsmith for one full year and my style is now settling into something comfortable. I attend arts festivals, some local craft fayres, and sell on Facebook, though Etsy and, especially with custom work, through word of mouth. This year I displayed successfully at Belper Arts Festival 2017; I will be displaying again for Belper Open Houses 2017 and this year in Derbyshire Open Houses

My workshop My silver jewellery is forged from silver grains